Be informed about the directions of the new management 2021-2023

Executive committee, led by executive and mentor Ronaldo Ramos, CCBC’s new president, should lead the Chamber in the face of the challenges of economic, social and environmental sustainability

By Estela Cangerana

Management based on transparency, focused on providing services that add real value to members, exploring the potential of collaboration between Brazil and Canada, and attentive to the agenda of corporate social and environmental responsibility. These are some of the guidelines that should mark CCBC’s strategy for the 2021-2023 management, under the leadership of President Ronaldo Ramos, with the collaboration of an executive committee of high-level vice presidents,  composed of leaders from each segment.

On a practical level, this can be translated into an administration supported by four pillars. The first of them, governance and compliance, will be visible in the fairness and transparency of relations with members and the society, in the rendering of accounts, and in the work under the concept of corporate responsibility. This should also impact the search for operational excellence, a factor that is causally related to the Chamber’s second strategic pillar, economic sustainability.

“The involvement of the member is a crucial point for our actions. We want to serve as a leveraging platform for our members, with services focused on meeting their needs, and providing support for the growth of their businesses. This is the essence of CCBC, and we were founded precisely because of this demand”, says Ramos.

By the same token, being a vehicle for promoting bilateral approximation, there is another primary function of the Chamber, the one that drives the third pillar of the new management: aligning CCBC’s actions with the agendas of both countries. The proposition is to represent the interests of Brazil and Canada, in the institution’s ambience. “Understanding the potential for collaboration with the diplomats of both countries, we have more assertiveness in the conception of actions both jointly and independently”.

According to the new president, the collaborative vision, with the search for points of intersection for possible complementarities, should not be limited to the relationship with government agencies. Internally, and in the work among all the different sectors that operate at CCBC, the idea is also to promote the exchange of experiences and joint actions. This should be visible, for example, in projects with transversal actions in conjunction with the sectorial committees.

Social impact

The support for all these work lines will have an important element in the Chamber’s fourth strategic pillar: people and society. It is reflected in the responsibility in relation to the institution’s social impact, based on ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) criteria. “CCBC is committed to its role in society and understands the importance of corporate positioning, on issues such as public health, the promotion of fairer relations, and caring for people, among other issues”, states Ramos.

Developing talent, promoting dialogue, collaborative learning, and reviewing paradigms in light of new challenges round out this philosophy of work. Together, they should drive the continued growth of a Chamber of Commerce that is a reference in its segment.

“When you look at CCBC’s background, you can clearly see that it is a success story. That is why, looking to the future, we need to consider two questions: what difference can we make for the Chamber and what difference can it make in society?”, asks the new president, who is preparing to help the institution to go further, targeting the best business models, but without forgetting the good internal examples. “CAM-CCBC’s model itself is an inspiration that we have in-house to inspire us.”

Alongside the executive committee, Ronaldo Ramos will count on the collaboration of former CCBC presidents Paulo Perrotti and Esther Nunes, former CAM-CCBC president, Carlos Forbes, and current president, Eleonora Coelho.