Brazilian market closer to Canada

CCBC’s initiative facilitates the access of Canadian companies to the Brazilian market and helps in prospecting business opportunities and obtaining a local corporate address

By Sérgio Siscaro

The Brazil’s potential for doing business in various fields of activity has attracted companies from several countries – including Canada. However, the lack of a more detailed knowledge of the Brazilian market can discourage potential investments in the country, and, in the case of companies decided to establish themselves locally, the weight of bureaucracy and tax obligations ends up driving away possible interested parties. To help Canadian companies in this process, the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC) put into practice a new initiative a few months ago: the Canada Hub

Launched during the last edition of the Brazilian Week CCBC Online Festival, Canada Hub is an initiative that seeks to help Canadian companies interested in the Brazilian market. The platform facilitates the process of entry of these companies into the local environment, allowing them to establish themselves in the country, fulfilling all bureaucratic obligations, in a more cost-effective way, and  count on the support of the CCBC to search for potential business partners.

“The Canada Hub is like an accelerator for the soft landing of Canadian companies arriving in Brazil. We offer a virtual office space, coworking and tax address for Canadians to register and open a CNPJ in the country. In addition, Canada Hub will also contribute to the development of new businesses, making it possible to hold commercial meetings, for example,” says Paulo de Castro Reis, director of Institutional Relations at CCBC. He adds that the presence of companies in the country is an essential factor for them to be successful in the local market.

Exclusive advantages

Companies that join the Canada Hub receive an important competitive advantage: the possibility of establishing contacts not only with all CCBC members, but also with the business ecosystem outside the Chamber. Another benefit is the ability for Canada Hub companies to rely on the support of CCBC’s team of business intelligence and business development specialists.

“Overall, the Canada Hub helps Canadian companies increase their visibility and presence in the Brazilian market, do business, have access to networking opportunities among Chamber members, and count on the support of CCBC and its members to structure the bureaucratic and administrative issues of the operation,” adds the director.

Case of success

The other side of the initiative is that, by facilitating the installation of Canadian companies interested in doing business in Brazil, Canada Hub also contributes to the entry of innovative solutions in the local market. An example is the company 3rdi Lab, which is already enjoying the advantages of having joined the initiative. With facilities in Wolfville (Nova Scotia) and Saskatoon (Saskatchewan), the company specializes in creating immersive environments in museums and art galleries through the use of modern digital technologies

Supported not only by technicians who develop these solutions, but also by experts in content development, 3rdi Lab operates in a growing market, which offers a completely new multi-sensory experience for its users. Its option to go international and look for business in Brazil was facilitated by Canada Hub, which allows the company to have an address in the country, a space for meetings and the possibility of contacting potential partners, among other advantages.