CCBC opens new member resources area

The traditional CCBC office in Vila Olímpia, in São Paulo, won a generous area on the roof of the building, well lit, with high ceilings and mezzanine. The expansion of the headquarters coincides with a moment of expansion of projects in Brazil and Canada. In addition to receiving part of the 80 employees who work daily in the CCBC, the area brings several benefits to the members, with environments specially dedicated to them.


They are meeting rooms, teleconference room and an arena, designed for training, presentations and business cocktails.


The associate that comes from another city, or a more distant neighborhood, and needs  a support point has at their disposal a coworking area with place to store their belongings. It can be used while waiting for a meeting with suppliers, or visiting customers in the vicinity of the CCBC.


There is also a space of coexistence, reinforcing the importance that the Chamber gives to the relationship between the associates and their partners.


The new office area has been in operation since the beginning of February and is added to the institution’s premises on the third, fifth and 12th floors.