Creativity in business

A common misconception is to associate creativity with a gift – something a person would have been born with. However, it is a faculty inherent to everyone, and one that can be trained and improved. This is the role of Grandi Criatividade, a consultancy that recently reinvented itself and started to promote classes, lectures and mentorships to different audiences – such as educational institutions, social organizations and hackathons, in Brazil and abroad.

Since 2020, Grandi Criatividade has taught classes to more than 500 people, organized events – including a specific one on the problems that the Covid-19 pandemic brought to the world of business – and acted in various social projects. In addition, a schedule of lectures, seminars and mentorships was structured with businessman and entrepreneurs as audiences; after all, in a moment of crisis, creativity is a crucial factor in solving problems or effectively seeking new business opportunities.

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*Source: Grandi Criatividade