At full throttle

CCBC services to its members and actions to bring Brazil and Canada closer together continue to operate remotely, respecting the rules of social distancing

 Empty offices, crowded hospitals, and many uncertainties. The reality that turned the streets of the largest cities on the planet into deserts also affected Canadian and Brazilian business centers. However, this did not mean a stop in bilateral relationship actions. The Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC), as one of the most representative institutions working in this field, maintains its regular activities remotely and has intensified its support actions for companies in both countries, both for maintaining commercial relations during this period and for the increase in business in the Covid-19 post-crisis.

According to experts, the moment of global caution could be a good opportunity for planning future actions. Market research services, product feasibility studies, identification of business contacts, guidance for logistical planning, and collection of information on specific local laws are just some examples of initiatives that can find room to happen in this scenario. All of them were already offered entirely electronically by CCBC, and are still available to members.

“We believe in expanding the relationship between Brazil and Canada after the new coronavirus pandemic is under control. Both countries have complementary markets, with great potential for business and partnerships in several areas, not yet fully explored. These characteristics will be important to boost the economy, which will be weakened all over the world”, says CCBC’s Institutional Relations Director, Paulo de Castro Reis. “Whoever is prepared, with their possibilities mapped, will be able to expand their business more quickly. For this reason, we remain extremely active in our activities, including commercial intelligence”, he adds.

The services are complemented by a vast production of informational content on topics of business, legislation, culture, education, and social relations between the two countries. All this material is also available to interested parties through CCBC’s communication vehicles, in publications on the website, digital newsletter, magazine, and social networks.

From the real to the virtual

The fact that the Chamber already had its entire digital operation structure prepared before the crisis provided the least possible impact on the provision of services. Even physical activities were able to migrate to the virtual world quickly. This was the case for periodic meetings of sector Commissions. They keep their schedule of activities and projects through the online platform. Likewise, seminars, forums, and training have been taking place remotely. A series of webinars was also added to them.

This complete digital structure, from now on, is also open to being used by the members, with the CCBC Virtua. The new service allows the assignment of virtual space for events and/or meetings of the companies and institutions themselves, with the possibility of using the Chamber’s platform for lectures, training, creation of discussion forums, and the most different types of occasions.