Fresh Quality expands its operation to Canada

Fresh Quality is a Brazilian production company, specialized in exporting fresh fruits and vegetables. In its internationalization trajectory, it participated in the SIAL, the largest fair in the agro-food and beverage sector in North America that takes place in Toronto, Ontario, and was supported by CCBC to expand its client portfolio and expand operations by products and regions.

The company has consolidated itself in the Canadian market and currently works with the export of ginger, guava, persimmon, fig, atemoya, and starfruit to distributors and wholesalers in the Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec provinces. As stated by Gideão Soares, the company’s CEO, “Fresh Quality expands its operations with Canada every semester, it is a country that complements our company’s sales and seeks a wide and constant variety of products”. In 2020, it already carried out 7 shipments of ginger, atemoya, and persimmon. Thus, the company continues to expand its operations and aims to seek partnerships with service providers in Canada to facilitate the flow, improving the logistics of storage and distribution.