Geotab Announces Emission Reduction

The increasingly expressive valuation of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda in the corporate environment, reinforced by the holding of the Global Climate Conference (COP-26), has led companies to adopt practices in line with the best practices in sustainability. In this sense, Geotab, active on the internet of things and connected transport segments, is launching its Geotab Sustainability Report.

The publication, which uses 2019 as a reference to measure its performance in the following year, presents data on the company’s progress in reducing carbon emissions – announcing its goal of reaching zero by 2040, a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement.

Throughout 2020, some of the company’s main highlights, detailed in the Sustainability Report, involved product innovation processes, making them more sustainable; definition of goals for the reduction of gas emissions that cause the greenhouse effect; public commitments to international entities; removal of 54.6% of waste from landfills; improvement in the work environment, which yielded positive recognition in the Great Place to Work survey; and developing action plans to advance the company’s ESG agenda.

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*Source: Geotab