Green Natural Foods executes partnership with BR4 Trade for the distribution of products in Canada.

Green Natural Foods brings to the market a new way to consume a product so well known by Brazilians, the Bendita Mandioca: frozen tablets of pure manioc, creamy on the inside and crunchy on the outside!  Gluten, starch, and preservatives free, it is 100% natural and practical for consumption! Currently sold in large retailers and wholesalers all over Brazil, in natural, provolone cheese, and spicy flavors in packages of 400 g and 1.2 kg, it is a success among all audiences.  Headquartered in Vinhedo, a strategic region of São Paulo, the company’s manufacturing structure has modern facilities and more than 30 employees. Its production capacity reaches up to 100 tons per month of manioc-based foods, the main raw material for all products.

The concept is to value and encourage the national economy.

The project with BR4Trade started after a business round promoted by CCBC. The company saw in BR4Trade the best initiatives to meet the company’s needs and so the partnership has begun.

The tasting samples were sent to the BR4 sales team that approved the product, which already has all the necessary certifications and packaging updates for the foreign market.

Green Natural Foods representatives are confident about the partnership because BR4 has the necessary expertise to place the product in the Canadian and American markets, with the same success that it already has in the national territory.