Pollux moves forward in the international market with innovative business model and complete solutions for Industry 4.0

The international business volume of Pollux, a Brazilian multinational reference in Industry 4.0, has shown full expansion this atypical year. The company has delivered major projects in Canada, United States, Mexico and many countries in the Americas. According to Pollux CEO José Rizzo, such successful outcome is due to the way the company works, with an innovative business model (Robots as a Service or RaaS) and the customization of solutions for the clients.

“Although the area we work in has few global players – many skills are needed to develop a 4.0 plant or an advanced automation line – more and more in this industry, the technology itself will not be the greatest differential, but the way you serve and apply the business model. We dive into the needs of our customers,” says Rizzo.

Directors responsible for the international area at Pollux, Geraldo Loureiro Veroneze and Flavio Barros Rizzo Hahn, also believe that this relationship is essential. The internationalization of the company was eventually pulled by customers successfully served in Brazil, which are multinationals and have business in several countries. “Our focus is on having a very consultative follow-up and sale, with a lot of relationship,” summarizes Veroneze. “We have a Brazilian way of serving and are attentive in the commercial processes and we care about the success of our customers. We have been able to give a unique support and this helps to build customer loyalty,” Hahn adds.

The expectation is for even faster growth in international business as soon as the restrictions generated by the pandemic are lessened in Canada and the United States. Find out more at https://www.pollux.com.br/