University of Montreal is an option for Brazilians

To establish a network of alumni from the University of Montreal in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, turning them into potential ambassadors for the institution in Brazil; strengthen contacts with the Aliança Francesa, which is promoting a conference of French teachers with the participation of professors from the Canadian institution; and disseminate information about the activities of its Faculty of Law. These were the three pillars of the visit that the Directrice générale (Dean) of the University of Montreal, Michèle Glémaud, and the vice-dean of the institution’s Law School, Catherine Piché, made to Brazil in February.

In a visit to the CCBC, they highlighted the great growing presence of Brazilian students at the university, and the main aspects that have attracted them to Montreal – such as the international recognition of the university and the easy adaptation, thanks to the culture of Latin influence in the province of Québec. “They adapt quite easily to the Québec environment, which has many similarities with Brazil”, said the dean, adding that the interest of Brazilian students at the University of Montreal is widely distributed among the several courses offered by the institution. “We have students in public health, international studies, computer science, law, physics, and music, for example” she said. According to her, the recent exchange program launched by the University of Montreal for international students should lead to an increase in the number of Brazilians studying at the institution.